Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Body Beautiful: The Best Skin Treatments Under the Sun

                                                         The Best Skin Treatments Under the Sun

As the temperature rises, cabin fever breaks for millions. But the excitement of breaking out and catching some sun can cloud people’s judgment about the hazards of UV rays, as many neglect to use sun block. Often it’s because they don’t think there’s any danger of getting sunburned in the spring; but, of course, there is. Some also feel that their skin is already damaged, and there’s no way to fix it; but, of course, there is!
Our Photofacials penetrate the deepest layers of skin with Intense Pulsed-Light (IPL) Therapy, breaking down and removing damaged cells, while stimulating collagen growth, and greatly reducing sun and age spots, birth marks, moles, freckles, wrinkles, and more. So come on in for the best skin treatments under the sun!

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Treating Your Mom to a Relaxing Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Finding your mom that perfect gift for Mother’s day does not have to be a headache-inducing chore. Instead, allow her to indulge herself with a day at a spa. Schedule a massage, body wraps, skin care treatments, and a myriad of other activities that will leave her feeling refreshed. Or if she has been interested in Botox or other cosmetic procedures, use this as an opportunity. After all, she deserves a day of pampering.

Spa in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Why not spend a day with her getting pampered as well? Residents of Pennsylvania have access to Body Beautiful ten locations. Click here to make appointments at our Monroeville or any of our other locations.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Body Beautiful: How's Your New Year's Resolution Working Out?

                                                  How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Working Out?
It's hard to believe that one quarter of the year is over already! It seems like only yesterday you were getting ready to ring it in, and resolving to quit smoking. So, as long as we’re on the subject, how’s that going? If you’ve been successful, congratulations! However, if you’ve tried your best, but are still lighting up, don’t be discouraged!

Even if you’ve spent the past three months trying every product and method available, we can help! Our Stop Smoking Laser, focused on key acupuncture points, will painlessly eliminate your cigarette cravings. So call us today, and, instead of the same old New Year’s resolution, you’ll be able to come up with a whole new resolution for next year!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Body Beautiful: Don't Wanna Flaunt It? That's OK. We Can Make it Go Away!

                                           Don’t Wanna Flaunt It? That’s OK. We Can Make it Go Away!

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” There’s little doubt that virtually everyone has heard this expression – countless times. Yet, it’s hard to imagine why, considering that millions of people take great pains to keep certain things that they’ve “got” hidden! While, of course, there’s a variety of things causing this self-consciousness, some of the more common problems include excess flab, wrinkles, loose skin, moles, scars, acne, and skin tags; but we can treat all of these – and more!     

So, let's just say, don’t dismay – it doesn't have to be on display! If you’ve got it, and don’t want it, call us today – we can make it go away!