Friday, December 12, 2014

Body Beautiful: The Ultimate Accessory to "Wear With All"

                                                                       The Ultimate Accessory to "Wear With All”

No matter what else is available, the little black dress is the first choice of many women, for holiday party wear. Likewise, of all of the possible accessories, a string of lustrous pearls is the most popular for this classic staple.

But if you don’t have the wherewithal to buy an expensive necklace, don't worry. Our teeth-whitening services are eminently affordable; and they'll give you that same, timeless appeal no matter how you're dressed. After all, "pearly whites" are the ultimate accessory to wear with all of your outfits!     
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Body Beautiful: Pop Your Cork Only in Celebration

                                               Pop Your Cork Only in Celebration

With not enough time, even in an average day, to accomplish all they need to do, millions of people are ready to pop their corks trying to keep up with the countless other obligations at this time of the year. Hmm – no wonder the holiday season ends with the opening of millions of champagne bottles! How much more appropriately symbolic can it get? If you’re going crazy, too, we can help you solve more than one of your problems. 

Our Permanent Cosmetics for eyes, lips, and brows, will not only save you time year-round, but they’ll ensure that you’re perfectly “put-together” for all of your holiday parties! So, whenever you hear a cork popping, you can just smile and raise a toast to all of your frazzled-looking friends!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Body Beautiful: Some Mistakes CAN Be Erased

                                                                      Some Mistakes CAN Be Erased

As the year's end nears, and people begin to reflect on it, some will relish its memories, while others will be relieved that it’s almost over. Whatever the case, though, most will wish that they could start 2015 with a clean slate. 

While, certainly, it’s impossible to eradicate all missteps, we can help with some that people often regret the most – their tattoos. With our advanced r20 Tattoo Removal technique, we can wipe out, in one session, what used to take four months to eliminate!     

So, now, instead of beating yourself up for an ill-advised mistake, you can just erase it, and chalk it up to experience. 

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