Monday, March 2, 2015

Body Beautiful: Watch Your Tattoo Fade Away with the Winter Snow

                                                  Watch Your Tattoo Fade Away with the Winter Snow

With spring just a few weeks away, it may not be time for summer attire; but it is a good idea to see if you'll be ready to show more skin when the time comes. And if, like many others, you have a certain feature you'd rather keep covered, why not eliminate it instead?
For example, if you have a tattoo that you rue, you may take great pains to hide it from view; but now you don’t have to. Yes, it’s true! Our advanced Laser Tattoo Removal treatment will produce noticeable results in the first session. So, call us to get started now, and you can watch your tattoo fade away with the winter snow.  

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Body Beautiful: There's More Than One Way to Win Younger Skin

                                               There’s More Than One Way to Win Younger Skin

While always essential, good skin care is even more important in winter, as its harsh weather really takes a toll. It’s also vital to find high-quality products that can address specific problem areas, and work well with your skin type. If that seems like a daunting task, don’t worry; we’ve done it for you.

Indeed, as leaders in anti-aging, beyond our cosmetic services, we offer a variety of lotions, serums, and gels for cleansing, toning, brightening, firming, lifting, hydrating, repairing, exfoliating, and plumping, as well as improving wrinkles, age spots, rosacea, acne, scars, and stretch marks, for your face, eyes, lips, hands, and body. So even without our in-office procedures, we can still help your skin look its youngest, healthiest, and all-around best. 

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