Thursday, June 23, 2016

Body Beautiful: Permanent Cosmetics Are a Summer Breeze

                                              Permanent Cosmetics Are a Summer Breeze

Summer is the season that inspires you to streamline your lifestyle, by cutting out unnecessary, time-consuming routines. However, since you can't skimp on things like hygiene practices and house cleaning, what can you subtract from the mix? Well, for one thing, there's the tedious, daily chore of applying makeup, which can become a breeze, with our permanent cosmetics for eyes, lips, and brows!
The perfect solution for those who want to save time, or simply wish to add fullness and definition to thinning eyebrows or lips, it’s also a dream come true for those whose unsteady hands or failing eyesight make it difficult to apply cosmetics correctly. Indeed, it's the best way to ensure that you’ll look perfectly put-together and permanently pretty! 

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Body Beautiful: Your Inner Glow is Much Healthier Than UV Rays

                                                       Your Inner Glow is Much Healthier than UV Rays

While summer is supposed to be a fun, carefree time of the year, it has many pitfalls, from the mildly inconvenient, to the downright dangerous. However, the most common peril – sunburn – is nearly always preventable, by the use of sunscreen, protective clothing, or, obviously, shade; and it always should be avoided, as it can do enough damage to actually be deadly. What’s more, even in the absence of life-threatening effects, spending too much time in the sun can cause premature wrinkles, leathery skin, sun spots, and more.       
Luckily, though, our effective, advanced, and affordable skin rejuvenation treatments can reduce, or eliminate, sun damage, and restore your inner glow – which is much healthier than UV rays! 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Body Beautiful: If You Let Old Sol Have His Way With You, Use Protection

                                     If You Let Old Sol Have His Way With You, Use Protection

Sure, love can blind people to the faults of others; but when a little crush cools off and fades into the shadows, no harm is done. But a long-term relationship that sizzles, then fizzles, can leave permanent scars. Sun-worshippers, for example, trying to get a “healthy glow,” often let Old Sol have his way with them, then get burned - literally - and end up with sun spots and leathery, wrinkled skin. 
So, as in all intimate encounters, it's essential to use protection (a high-SPF, broad- or multi-spectrum sunscreen) when frolicking in the sun, to prevent penetration by UVA and UVB rays. Of course, if you’ve already been scorched, our skin rejuvenation treatments can reduce and/or eliminate a lot of the damage. Then, you can face the world again, looking younger, but wiser!

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