Monday, October 31, 2011

Makeup for Lost Time - or ANY Time!

      Applying makeup correctly is a skill that takes a while to master.  When first experimenting with it, many teenage girls slather it on, as if trying to send the world a bold-faced message that they are now adults.  Unfortunately, though, they usually end up looking like little girls who got into their mothers’ cosmetics while playing dress-up.  Certainly, many women remember those early days of trial-and-error (and error, and error), when wearing makeup was new and exciting. 

Luckily, with maturity, most women gain an appreciation of subtlety, and refine their techniques to produce more elegant, understated looks.  Naturally, we all discover and develop our own styles, too, as we test myriad combinations of foundations, and the endless palettes of lipstick and eye shadow colors that are available. 

 Of course, our complexions continue to change, as time marches on (on our faces, that is!); and, eventually, wearing makeup can turn from being capricious and fun, into a very serious business. 

The trouble is that this leads some women to revert to the heavy-handed method of application, using it to fill in lines and wrinkles, or to draw on, or augment, lips or eyebrows.  Not only does this result in exaggerated, unnatural-looking features, but the makeup may also settle into lines, making them even more noticeable, or melt or fade away.  This is the point where many women begin to lament the cruel irony that they originally started wearing it because they wanted to look older. 

As the years pass, failing eyesight, unsteady hands, and various medical conditions, can also make it difficult to apply cosmetics properly and evenly.  Moreover, once it becomes a tiring, time-consuming chore, many women simply give up on it.  Sadly, this can be very depressing, and may even make some people self-conscious enough to avoid socializing.    

On the other hand, happily, most of these situations can be resolved.  If you’ve exhausted your makeup bag of tricks, it may be time to try a new kind of magic.  At Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa, Marcia Hale can rejuvenate your appearance with permanent cosmetics for your eyes, lips, and brows; and she is a genuine makeup artist.      
In fact, she’s an exceptionally talented, all-around artist, whose paintings and murals adorn the walls of many offices (including ours), reception areas, and homes.  Fervent about her craft, Marcia, who has a keen, unerring eye for detail, and a genius for nuance, brings the same passion and skills to her vocation as our Permanent Makeup Technician. 

For those with age-related issues, the procedures that she performs can sometimes have life-changing results.  Besides sparing them from a grueling, unmanageable task, having permanent cosmetics applied greatly boosts their self-confidence.

Even people who can still easily put on makeup may need help with other problems, such as thinning lips or lashes, or eyebrows that are sparse, or non-existent, either from over-plucking, or because of medical conditions.  In such cases, Marcia will add fullness and definition to lips, with color and liner, or design natural-looking eyebrows that complement her clients’ faces perfectly.  She can also give eyes a more youthful, animated look, with permanent eyeliner, and make lashes appear more voluminous as well.

The procedures are safe, and normally do not necessitate any downtime.  The entire process may require 2-3 visits, as the initial application acts as a primer, which will fade several days after the first session, until it is revived with further treatments.    

 “It’s like an instant facelift,” says Marcia, “and one small change, such as adding a slight arc [creating a fuller bow] to an upper lip that has lost its shape, can have a dramatic impact.  Another great thing is that most people won’t even realize that you had anything done; they’ll just notice that you look refreshed.” 

Indeed, the enthusiasm with which she speaks makes it obvious that Marcia takes great joy in helping women – and men – to appear more vivacious, and regain their self-esteem. 

So, if you want to get excited about makeup again, come in and put your face in Marcia’s hands! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Watch it LIVE! As Seen on the Hit Show "Doctors"

Perma Facial Implant™ - Live Demonstration

Get Ready to Pucker!

Although Halloween is approaching, something even scarier lurks in the shadows.  Yes, the holidays will soon be upon us, bringing a string of non-stop get-togethers.  That means that, not only will you be under pressure to look your best, but, factoring in friends, relatives, mistletoe, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, your lips will really be in the spotlight!  

If you’d like to have them enhanced, but are afraid that the old-style implants may leak, or make your lips appear unnatural, consider our revolutionary PermaLip Implants™.  Unlike anything that’s been offered before, these soft, solid silicone implants will never rupture, deflate, or degrade.  Available in a variety of diameters and lengths, their tapered ends let them easily and comfortably conform to individual lip shapes, so they look incredibly natural.  Moreover, even though they’re permanent, they can be promptly removed if you wish to change sizes, or decide that you don’t want them at all.

Of course, you’ll probably be pleased as punch with these permanent implants, because, amid all of the parties and presents, whether puckered, pursed, or pouting, your lips will be perpetually pretty and picture-perfect! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tattoo Removal as seen on KDKA

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — More and more people are getting tattoos, but that decision may not be something you like years down the road.
Now, there’s growing demand for ways to cover up or remove those unwanted tattoos and there are some new ways to do that in the Pittsburgh area.
Randi Hoffman of Bethel Park is getting married in the spring and she wants to look her best in her dress, so she’s having her two tattoos removed.
“We were all out and some of the girls got them and it sounded like a good idea; and now, I don’t want to walk down the aisle with a tattoo down the back of my neck,” said Hoffman.  She’s also having another tattoo on her wrist removed. It’s not allowed where she works.
“To cover them, I use make up and it works,” she said. “But it’s just sort of a pain, and on a hot day, it can run.
So, she says she is willing to go through pain and money to get them off.
Hoffman went to Body Beautiful, which has 10 locations in Western Pennsylvania. Tattoo removal is one of many face and body rejuvenation treatments they provide.
She’s starting with the traditional laser removal.
“It’s pretty painful but i want it gone,” she said.
Mike West of Crafton, a tattoo artist himself, is also getting laser treatment.
“I’m getting this whole sleeve removed,” he said.
West says he wants a new tattoo put in its place. He says this happens a lot in his shop.
“I’d say half the clients that come in either had bad work and want it fixed or want it covered up,” said West. “That’s probably the most common is a boyfriend’s name, but there’s a lot of bad work.”
Lasers can get most of the tattoo removed, but sometimes, some color remains.
Laser technician Marcia Hale is doing a new treatment, using the same machine used to put on a tattoo but with a special chemical solution going into the skin instead of ink.
“This solution is able to find the ink still locked in skin and able to lift it to the surface,” said Hale.
Hale even got a tattoo near her foot, just to test out the new treatment.
One of the benefits of this treatment is that it’s not nearly as painful as laser.
“Our number one and two questions are how bad does it hurt and how much does it cost,” said Mark Fleis, the manager at Body Beautiful. “Usually, during the first visit, we give them a test spot so they can see exactly how it feels.”
Fleis says for a softball-sized tattoo it would cost an average of $250 a session for laser removal and $150 to $200 for the chemical solution. Four to seven sessions are usually needed – often a combination of the two types. But consultations are free.
That usually adds up to at least $900 to get it completely removed.