Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Body Beautiful: Don't Let Spider Veins Weave an Inescapable Web!

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Don’t Let Spider Veins Weave an Inescapable Web      

We offer several simple, in-office procedures that produce rapid results, with minimal discomfort.  So, if spider veins are bugging you, come see us before they weave an inescapable web!
   When they first start to see some leg veins, most people hope that they’re “only” spider veins, which are widely believed to be less serious than the varicose variety.  While that’s generally true, they can deteriorate, if neglected, as they, too, are caused by stagnant blood.   
     Also triggered by heredity, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, or long periods of standing or sitting, they can become achy and swollen as well.  However, spider veins are smaller and closer to the skin’s surface, resembling red or purple threads; and they’re usually easier to eradicate, especially with early treatment.      

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Body Beautiful; The Year May be Aging Rapidly – But You Don’t Have To!

 The Year May be Aging Rapidly – But You Don’t Have To 

 While, technically, the year is still new, it’s aging rapidly, as spring is just a few weeks away.  Yes, this is the time when people start panicking, as they realize that, once again, they’ve failed to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

If this is your predicament, don’t panic!  It’s not too late.  For example, if you vowed to get rid of some wrinkles in 2013, we can have you looking younger in no time!  Our advanced method, which uses infrared light to safely stimulate collagen growth, can tighten and tone skin all over the body. 

 So, stop in and let us help you reach your goal.  After all, just because the year is getting old, fast, doesn’t mean that you have to!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Body Beautiful: BOTOX Lets You Concentrate on Your Opening Lines!

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                                BOTOX Lets You Concentrate on Your Opening Lines

 When meeting someone new, many people, wanting to make good impressions, are worried about their opening lines.  However, in some cases, they’re even more worried by the impression that others are staring at their forehead lines.  

 Of course, that’s completely unnecessary!  If a couple of creases are causing you concern, come on in for a quick, simple, ten-minute BOTOX treatment.  All it takes is a few, tiny injections to block the chemical that contracts the “frown muscles,” so they’ll stay relaxed.  At the same time, it will still allow you to smile and laugh with ease – and stick to concentrating on your opening lines!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Body Beautiful: Rosacea is a Prickly Problem for Millions

Rosacea is a Prickly Problem for Millions
Millions of people are afflicted with rosacea, an inflammatory condition in which chronically-dilated capillaries cause redness, swelling, and bumps on the face and neck. 
Although a worrisome, embarrassing disorder to begin with, various factors, such as harsh weather and stress, can make it worse.  Therefore, those affected by it find it even more difficult to manage during the winter.
If you’re frustrated by rosacea, you’ll be glad to know that we have an arsenal of weapons that are quite effective against it.  These include lasers, gels, facials, and Intense Pulsed-Light (IPL) Therapy, which targets deep veins, without disturbing the outer dermal layer.  
 So, if you have rosacea, let us help to put an end to this prickly problem.