Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Body Beautiful: It's Springtime for Your Skin

                                                                                      It's Springtime for Your Skin 

Though the summer's ending, and the sun sets earlier each day, our microdermabrasion can bring the dawn of springtime to your skin. Besides exfoliating, it stimulates new cell growth, while improving the appearance of fine lines, scars, and acne, and the skin's elasticity, tone, and texture. 
In fact, it can even repair some of the damage that was done while you were out having fun in the sun. So, put some spring into your step and hurry in, and we'll put some spring back into your skin!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Body Beautiful: It IS Safe To Go Back Into The Water

                                                                      It IS Safe To Go Back Into The Water 

Many people avoid the beach because of body issues; but women who have penciled-on eyebrows have different reasons, as water, or even perspiration, can dissolve eyebrow pencil.  

Yes, relying on makeup to enhance sparse eyebrows can interfere with your life. But our permanent cosmetics technician can give you natural-looking eyebrows that won't fade away! So, now it IS safe to go back into the water!  

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