Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Body Beautiful: Red is for Valentines

Red is for Valentines

Many people, thinking it’ll make them look sexier, go tanning before Valentine’s Day.  In fact, some even visit several tanning salons, to darken their tans – then end up sunburned.

Unfortunately, besides being unattractive, frequent sunburns can cause wrinkles, leathery skin, sun spots, and even skin cancer; but vibrant, healthy skin is truly alluring.  So, skip the tanning bed, and try one of our effective skin treatments that can even reverse sun damage.  Remember, red is for Valentines!     

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Body Beautiful: Get Ready for Some Serious Flirting

Get Ready for Some Serious Flirting
If you’ll be doing some serious flirting this Valentine’s Day, remember that your eyes are key to the process; and nothing makes them more attractive than long, lush lashes.

So, don’t skimp on the ammunition!  Our eyelash extensions will instantly make your eyes irresistibly alluring, even without mascara!  That way, you’ll always be ready when a cute guy catches your eye.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Body Beautiful: Show Yourself Some Love on Valentine's Day

Show Yourself Some Love on Valentine’s Day

Millions of people are preparing for the winged cherub’s annual descent.  And many, whether already love-struck, or vying for Cupid’s attention, are also busy beautifying themselves for the big day.     

Well, that’s fine; but there are legions of happily-single arrow-dodgers who deserve pampering as well.  If you’re among them, give yourself a gift, and stop by for one of our cosmetic services.  It’s a great way to show yourself some love; and we’ll put our hearts into it, too! 

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