Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Won’t Leave You Red-Faced!

     We Won’t Leave You Red-Faced
Rosy cheeks are often viewed as a sign of vibrant health.  However, that’s not the case for those who suffer from rosacea, a chronic, inflammatory disorder in which dilated capillaries cause redness, swelling, and bumpiness over the face and neck.  A vexing problem in any case, it can be exacerbated by factors such as stress and weather conditions.    

If you’re plagued by rosacea, help is available.  In fact, we have several methods of treatment, including lasers, facials, gels, and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy, a painless, ground-breaking new procedure that targets the veins beneath the surface, without affecting the outer layer of skin. 

So, come and see us, and we’ll pinpoint the ideal treatment to eliminate, or, at least, reduce the signs of this troublesome and embarrassing affliction

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don’t Blow this Resolution

      Don’t Blow this Resolution
Mid-February is a good time to assess the progress of your New Year’s resolutions, which should be starting to show some results by now. 

So, if you vowed to stop smoking, you should be breathing a bit easier these days.  However, if you’re still puffing (and huffing) away, you may need some assistance.  Certainly, you may have already sought help, perhaps even more than once, without success.  Unfortunately, this happens to many people; and it often causes them to abandon hope.

 Whether or not you’ve ever attempted to quit smoking, you should try light therapy, a procedure in which we focus lasers on key acupuncture points, to eliminate the craving for cigarettes.  Much more effective than other treatments, it may be the method that finally works.  

 Of course, even if you don’t come to us for help, we hope that you never give up on giving up.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Body Beautiful wants to know...If YOU won $200 towards any Laser treatment of your choice, What Would YOU CHOOSE?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spa Party Sundays- Sundays Will Never Be The Same!

  There is something ironic about Sunday.  It finishes up the weekend, while starting the week; and, instead of feeling rested and relaxed after two days off, many people end up exhausted. 
Luckily, there is a great new way to get re-energized for the workweek.  It is called a Sunday Spa Party; and when you host one for at least ten of your friends (Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Pre/Post Party, Mothers/Daughters day), you will get all of your laser treatments free, while your guests will pay only half of our regular prices!  The whole gang can also join our VIP club.  Just have everyone text the word *BODY* to 91944, and you will get information on unadvertised specials, and other goodies, sent right to your phones.
You and your pals will have loads of laughs getting rejuvenated and refreshed at your Spa Party.  Better yet, your friendships will be recharged, too, as you create a whole new set of fun memories (and some entertaining pictures for Facebook!).

Microderm Monday 2 for 2's: Get 2 (20 Minute) Microderms for $200!

   Monday, Monday – So Good to YOU!

 Monday, much-maligned in song and story, has long been the most dreaded and despised day of the week.  However, because we believe there’s some good in every day, we looked everywhere for a positive reference to it.  Eventually, we found one, in the well-known rhyme that begins with the line, “Monday’s child is fair of face.” 

 This inspired us to help Monday make good on that bold statement.  That’s why we’ve implemented Microderm and Massage Mondays, wherein we offer two 20-minute sessions for only $200! 

 Our guests will receive non-invasive microdermabrasion treatments, in which we use micro-particles to exfoliate the skin, thus reducing, or eliminating, sun damage, age spots, fine lines, acne scars, and other imperfections.  Then, we’ll massage away all of the tension that is often unjustly blamed on Monday.  

So, come take advantage of our services.  Besides making you more “fair of face,” we’ll leave you in the ultimate state of relaxation. 

 Not bad for a Monday, eh? 

2 for TWO'sdays! Spend $200 for 2 inches of Tattoo Removal or get 20 units of Botox for $200

                 Say Ta-Ta to Tattoo Tuesday.    Spend $200 for 2 inches of Tattoo Removal or get 20 units of Botox for $200. ($10 per unit after that-usually $14)
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu; it’s Time to Say Ta-Ta to Your Tattoo

Unlike Monday, Tuesday rarely inspires strong feelings; in fact, it’s the most boring day of the week.  So, to create some passion about it, we wanted to link it to something that would stir up emotions; and that’s why we chose tattoos. 

     After all, they’re frequently fraught with fervor, and can actually evoke furor if they’re vulgar or obscene.  Heck, even innocuous tattoos can be contentious if they’re loathed by their owners’ loved ones.  Moreover, millions of people despise and regret their own body art.   

      So, if you’re kicking yourself over a hideous tattoo, you can get excited, because our incredibly effective technique for removing it is light-years ahead of previous methods.  Using photodisruptive technology, we create microscopic explosions beneath the skin, which break up the ink into tiny particles that disappear as naturally as a bruise.  Now, on Ta-Ta Tattoo Two-for-Tuesdays, you can get a two-inch area of your tattoo removed for only $200!   

     That’s almost thrilling enough to make Tuesday the new Friday!

(VIP Clients only)- To become a VIP client text the word *BODY* to 91944. You will instantly recieve a text good for a FREE Laser Treatment and other secret gifts. Bring your phone in and show us your text message to redeem it

Working Womens' Wednesdays! 2 for 2's: Choose(2)20 Minute Sessions for $200


 Choose(2)20 Minute Sessions for $200:
-Teeth Whitening-
- Massage-
-Smoking Cessation-
-Weight Management-

Workin’ for the Weekend                                                                                                                                   
Wednesday definitely has its own, distinct personality. Because it’s halfway through the workweek, and filled with the restlessness of workers waiting for the weekend, it has earned the nickname,“over-the-hump day.” Indeed, many people even use it as a preview of the weekend, as it’s a popular night for socializing.

That’s why it’s a perfect time to visit us for Working Women’s Wednesdays. Whether you’re worn out from the first part of the week, and want to recharge and regroup, or you’re trying to get revamped and refreshed for a night out, we’ve got what you need.

If your muscles are in knots, we can massage you into a state of deep relaxation. If your teeth aren’t as dazzling as you’d like, a teeth-whitening treatment will produce immediate results. We can even help you manage your weight, or quit smoking! Just pick two 20-minute sessions of the services of your choice, and you’ll get both for only $200.     
*VIP Clients only)- To become a VIP client text the word *BODY* to 91944. You will instantly recieve a text good for a FREE Laser Treatment and other secret gifts. Bring your phone in and show us your text message to redeem it.

Whichever you wish, without question, it’ll be a wonderful way to wind up a Wednesday!

Thigh Therapy Thursdays 2 for 2's: 20 minutes of treatment for $200!

                                         We’ll Put You on a Thigh High
 Body maintenance is a constant concern.  Even if you’re only concentrating on aesthetics, something always needs attention.  Many women are unhappy with their thighs, either because they’re too heavy, or they have cellulite or spider veins.

If you’re worried about having “thunder thighs,” or if the sight of those annoying veins makes your skin crawl, we have a great solution.  Stop by on one of our  Thigh Therapy Thursdays, and you can get 20 minutes of either body contouring, or spider vein treatment, for only $200!  Then, you’ll finally find out how it feels to be on a thigh high.    

Sunspot Saturdays 2 for 2's: 2o minute session for $200

Sunspot, Baby – It’s Gonna Catch up Sometime
 It doesn’t take a sunburn to ruin your skin.  The damage is done as soon as skin cells begin producing melanin, which darkens (tans!) the skin, in defense against the sun’s rays.

While sunburns certainly make things worse, even frequent tanning can eventually cause wrinkles, sagging, leathery skin, and sun spots, which can become cancerous.
       Luckily, we can help your skin to renew itself, and shed some of that damage.  Visit us on Sunspot Saturdays, and for 20 minutes you can point out the spots that bother you the most! 20 minutes of treatment on any area, large or small, for only $200! 
                 And forget about the myth of the “nice, healthy tan.”