Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunspot Saturdays 2 for 2's: 2o minute session for $200

Sunspot, Baby – It’s Gonna Catch up Sometime
 It doesn’t take a sunburn to ruin your skin.  The damage is done as soon as skin cells begin producing melanin, which darkens (tans!) the skin, in defense against the sun’s rays.

While sunburns certainly make things worse, even frequent tanning can eventually cause wrinkles, sagging, leathery skin, and sun spots, which can become cancerous.
       Luckily, we can help your skin to renew itself, and shed some of that damage.  Visit us on Sunspot Saturdays, and for 20 minutes you can point out the spots that bother you the most! 20 minutes of treatment on any area, large or small, for only $200! 
                 And forget about the myth of the “nice, healthy tan.”  

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