Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don’t Blow this Resolution

      Don’t Blow this Resolution
Mid-February is a good time to assess the progress of your New Year’s resolutions, which should be starting to show some results by now. 

So, if you vowed to stop smoking, you should be breathing a bit easier these days.  However, if you’re still puffing (and huffing) away, you may need some assistance.  Certainly, you may have already sought help, perhaps even more than once, without success.  Unfortunately, this happens to many people; and it often causes them to abandon hope.

 Whether or not you’ve ever attempted to quit smoking, you should try light therapy, a procedure in which we focus lasers on key acupuncture points, to eliminate the craving for cigarettes.  Much more effective than other treatments, it may be the method that finally works.  

 Of course, even if you don’t come to us for help, we hope that you never give up on giving up.

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