Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thigh Therapy Thursdays 2 for 2's: 20 minutes of treatment for $200!

                                         We’ll Put You on a Thigh High
 Body maintenance is a constant concern.  Even if you’re only concentrating on aesthetics, something always needs attention.  Many women are unhappy with their thighs, either because they’re too heavy, or they have cellulite or spider veins.

If you’re worried about having “thunder thighs,” or if the sight of those annoying veins makes your skin crawl, we have a great solution.  Stop by on one of our  Thigh Therapy Thursdays, and you can get 20 minutes of either body contouring, or spider vein treatment, for only $200!  Then, you’ll finally find out how it feels to be on a thigh high.    

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