Monday, July 29, 2013

Body Beautiful and the Advanced Vein Center: Don't Keep Your Legs a Deep, Dark Secret!

Don’t Keep Your Legs a Deep, Dark Secret


If, like millions of others, you try to disguise your varicose veins by getting a deep tan, you’re doing more harm than good.  Besides being bad for the skin, the intense heat can also make veins expand, thus exacerbating the condition.


So, come on in for one of our effective, minimally-invasive treatments, and your legs won’t have to be a deep, dark secret.      

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Body Beautiful Wants You to Stop Burying Your Toes in the Sand

Stop Burying Your Toes in the Sand

If the revealing nature of summer apparel makes you a bit shy, you’re not alone.  Indeed, most people have certain aspects of their appearances that they’d rather keep under wraps.

 While weight issues are often the source of such insecurities, toenail fungus can cause major self-consciousness as well.  If you’re embarrassed by thick, yellow, brittle, or crumbling toenails, we have the solution. 

We’ll use our intense laser to penetrate the affected nails, which will kill the underlying fungus, while leaving them intact, to grow out clear and healthy.  So, stop in for this painless, 15-minute procedure, and you won’t have to bury your toes in the sand anymore

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Body Beautiful and Beaver Vally Foot Clinic Want You to Have a Healthy Feet and Toes Season!

Summer can be hard on the feet, especially for diabetics, who must be extra-careful.  So, never go barefoot, because stepping on something and getting an injury could lead to serious complications.

Always use sunscreen on your feet, too; and dry them thoroughly after swimming, particularly between your toes.
No matter how many other rules you relax this season, always stand firm on proper foot care!  Be sure to keep your toes clear of toenail fungus too! Cheers to a healthy feet season!