Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Follicle Fridays 2 for 2's: Remove Hair on 2 small areas or (one Medium) for $200!

      You don’t have to Bear the Hair

Unlike men, who, when unshaven, can resemble sexy, rugged, movie stars, women who skip shaving for even one day often feel grotesque and unattractive.  In fact, all it takes is a tiny bit of stubble, and they start imagining themselves as that cafeteria lady who looked like a linebacker, and never shaved her legs – or her mustache (every school had one of these).

 Certainly, there are many reasons for excessive hairiness, including being overweight, which makes it difficult for some women to shave their legs; and facial hair can be caused by mid-life hormonal changes.  Of course, trying to keep up with body hair growth has always been a prickly issue for people of all ages – and both sexes.     

Fortunately, though, with our advanced laser techniques, we can, comfortably and safely, remove hair from virtually any part of the body.  Using light pulses to disable multiple hair follicles at once, we can treat small spots, such as the upper lip or underarms, in about ten minutes, and larger areas in half an hour.    

 So, if you’re tired of seeing hair in places where you just can’t bear (or bare!), let us get it out of there!  

Whether it’s your legs, face, back, neck, or anywhere else, our laser hair removal treatments can wipe it out.  Just visit us on Follicle Fridays, and we’ll treat two small areas, or one medium, for only $200!

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