Sunday, June 12, 2011

FAQ's about Permanent Makeup

Still on the fence about our Permanent Makeup? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if it is right for you!

Q. What is Permanent Makeup?
A. Permanent Makeup is pigment placed under the skin (dermis) in a series of dots. These dots or lines, are placed close together to create the desired image.

Q. I'm anxious about letting anyone else design my makeup, especially if it is permanent. What if I don't like the design or color after the procedure?
A. Your technician will assist you when determining design-work if you wish. She will take your facial shape into consideration, design a brow, eyeliner and or lip liner that suits your facial features the
best. You should approve of all design work before she proceeds with the procedure. This is your face, your procedure and it must meet your expectations.

Q. What if eyebrow styles change?
A. Your eyebrow shape will be based on your own preferences in combination with the technician's suggestions for a classic shape that will remain in style and will not be affected by fads or by cosmetic

Q. What if eyeliner goes out of style?
A. It is exceptionally difficult to find a stage in history where the appearance of darker, thicker eyelashes was not fashionable. With the eyeliner or eyelash enhancement procedure your natural lash-line is enhanced for a fuller, beautiful, natural result. This procedure is also very popular for men with light colored or sparse eyelashes. It provides wonderful eye definition. Thin, medium and wide top and bottom eyeliners are also very popular. However, when I was doing procedures, I preferred a more conservative, natural look.

For more information and frequently asked questions about permanent makeup in Pittsburgh, visit our site or call 724-987-3221.

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