Sunday, July 24, 2011

Advanced Lipo Center's Groupon Expires Soon!

Be sure to take advantage of the Advanced Lipo Center's Groupon while you still can! Visit Groupon Pittsburgh and get a $600 procedure for $99!

Advanced Liposuction Center is a laser med spa that proves its commitment to cosmetic excellence with an arsenal of revitalizing services and on-site consultations with qualified physicians. Choose between two body contouring devices: the VelaShape II which uses heat, a vacuum, and mechanical massage, or the Alma Accent XL, which uses radio frequency technology to distribute energy across the skin, smoothing out cellulite, shaping sagging surfaces, and blasting fat cells with a high-powered shrink ray. VelaShape’s reducing wiles are especially appropriate for postnatal body ensmallment. Results can be felt after one treatment, and after four treatments the body’s circumference begins to shrink as the skin is stretched taut, making it an ideal canvas or a perfect drum.

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  1. When you say coupons, is the procedure for free? Can we choose what procedure we will get, like can it be liposuction Indiana?