Monday, September 12, 2011

Great Review on

A satisfied customer shared a review on last month. Designermommy had wrinkle reduction done and this is what she had to say.

"I would have to say that i was pleasantly surprised! i had been thinking about doing something about my major wrinkles and sun spots (ya, i WAS a sun worshipper) and decided to go for it when someone gave me a FREE treatment card! i was thrilled to finally start repairing the damage, but kind of nervous that it would cost me a fortune for a million treatments! well, i was definitely relieved and happy on so many levels! i LOVE that the person that was talking with me REALLY looked at my face and help me put together my own treatment plan. It was fun to actually watch the sun damage literally fall off my face. and it kinda tickled me when people took a second look and told me i look different, like-healthier or happier?! im not done with my treatments yet, but i can see the difference already! oh, and the cost- i thought it was gonna be WAAAAAY more just for one treatment, so when they told the actual cost for a bunch of treatments i was so relieved! i had money left over in my "face" budget. this is great! ill probably try get this ridiculous tattoo off my ankle"
 Thanks for the kind words Designermommy!

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