Monday, December 5, 2011

It’s Just an Expression – But it Means so Much

 With the holiday season officially underway, most people will be going to a lot of parties during the next few weeks.  What’s more, as these affairs will be characterized by high levels of glow, glitter, and glitz, many may want to show up sparkling as brightly as the Christmas lights.   
The only trouble is that all of the socializing can make them feel as if they’re under a microscope, which leads some people to become self-conscious about minor flaws in their appearances, such as lines on their foreheads. 
      If this is your concern, we may be able to smooth things out for you with a 10-minute BOTOX treatment.  In this procedure, we’ll make a few, tiny injections into the muscles that are responsible for creating frown lines, thus blocking the chemical that causes them to contract, and enabling them to stay relaxed. 

And don’t worry – it won’t affect your ability to smile, laugh, or show any other expressions.  So, even if you’re being bored to death by a big windbag, you can still feign interest his story!

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