Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Body Beautiful: Painful or Swollen Legs? Now is the Time to Get Your Legs Ready for Summer!

Now is the Time to Get Your Legs Ready for Summer

 If your varicose veins are swollen or painful, come and visit us without delay.  We have the most advanced procedures, and the best doctors, to get your legs healthy again! 

After a thorough examination, we’ll devise a plan specifically for you.  Depending upon the severity of your condition, this may involve one treatment, or a combination of methods. 

For example, we often use Advanced Laser Treatments,  sclerotherapy and VNUS Closure™, two separate, very effective, techniques that will seal the damaged veins, and redirect blood into healthy ones.  Both are simple, in-office procedures that provide quick results, with minimal discomfort, and little to no downtime.    

Stop and see us soon, so you can be sure that your legs will steal the show this summer, when you strut your stuff in shorts, sundresses, and swimsuits!

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