Sunday, October 20, 2013

Body Beautiful: We'll Pluck You from the Chaos of "Brush Hour"

Initial Procedure (Full Set) = $135;   2 week touchups = $70
We’ll Pluck You from the Chaos of “Brush Hour”

So, you’re already late for work, but you have to finish putting on your make-up.  Just one more, careful stroke, and – OUCH! – you poke yourself in the eye with your mascara brush, causing a flood of tears, and wiping out all of your fine artwork! 

 You’d almost completed a masterpiece, but now it looks as if you used finger paints!  Now, you have to start all over again; and on top of everything else, you’ve corrugated your cornea! 

 Well, you don’t have to keep suffering through this tedious, time-consuming ritual.  With our eyelash extensions, you’ll have lush, long-lasting eyelashes that never need mascara, or even a curler.  Similar to natural hair, the individual, synthetic lashes are applied, one by one, directly to your own.  Available in a variety of lengths, they can be arranged to achieve a number of looks that will accentuate your eyes. 

The procedure is safe, hygienic, and relaxing, and will not harm your natural lashes.  Depending upon the number of lashes you already have, it will take one to two hours to complete.  According to how well you take care of them, and how quickly your own lashes grow, they can last for at least two months.  

 The extensions look and feel natural and weightless; and they’re resistant to water, sweat, and tears.  However, as is the case with your regular lashes, you will lose one every so often.  Therefore, you may need a quick, monthly touch-up.  

You can apply mascara, if you wish, as long as it’s water-based.  If it’s water-proof, the harsh process required to remove it can break or detach the extensions.  Furthermore, if you want to curl them, that’s all right, too.  Just be sure to use a heated, wand-style curler, as other types can break your extensions.  Tinting is not advised either, because it can turn the synthetic lashes dry and brittle.     

Certainly, though, no embellishment is necessary, as the extensions alone will greatly enhance the beauty of your eyes.  As Marcia Hale, our Permanent Cosmetics Specialist and Intradermalist, notes, “Sometimes, it’s the most subtle features that make the biggest impact; and these extensions prove that.  The difference after they’re applied is amazing and dramatic.”   

 Of course, in addition to applying eyelash extensions, Marcia can rejuvenate your appearance with permanent cosmetics for your eyes, lips, and brows.  Just think of the possibilities.  You’ll never have to struggle with that messy routine again.  You can sleep in! 

 So, call Marcia, at 724-680-0048, and find out how these safe, hygienic procedures can pluck you from the chaos of the morning “brush hour.”




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