Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Get Your Summer Body Back!

Want to feel flawless in that tini-bikini this summer? Body Contouring & Body Wraps will give you the perfect body you longed for!

It’s every girl's dream to achieve a flat tummy and Kardashian booty, so you work hard to obtain that goal. Working out regularly is the best way to stay healthy and shed that stubborn fat, but if you are on the right track and still noticing that pesky cellulite, it may be time to try our top-of-the-line body contouring and body wrap!

Body contouring can help many troubled areas that seem to never disappear. It is a completely noninvasive and non-surgical treatment that helps tighten your existing collagen and simulates new collagen growth. It can be used to treat several body nuisances such as cellulite, skin tightening, firming of loose skin/fat, post-liposuction smoothing, pre-liposuction skin tightening and lipoma. The best part about our Alma Accent Body Contour technology is that it’s immediate and can last 6 months!

Body Wraps are known to be a quick alternative option to Body Contouring with similar results but doing them at the same time is best! The Formostar Infrared Body Wrap System works by heating the body directly and getting underneath fat tissue while thinning blood flow to allow further access to areas where fat exists. There are many cosmetic and therapeutic benefits to our amazing body wraps. Cosmetic benefits include firming cellulite, increased energy and metabolism, and burning up to 1,600 calories. Therapeutic benefits include stress reduction, pain relief, help flush toxins and promote healthy immune system.

So if you are working out and eating healthy, but still not satisfied with that trouble-spot, it’s now your time to live body beautiful by coming in and receiving these incredible treatments today! Combine Body Wraps and Body Contouring for the best results. Attack unwanted cellulite, saggy skin and inches while re-shaping your body with a dual-action, fat attack treatment.

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