Saturday, April 16, 2011

Body Beautiful's Wellness Center offers mastectomy fittings for women


We do Mastectomy Fittings in our offices.  Although this could be done at a boutique or medical supply store, there are certified trained mastectomy fitters at Body Beautiful Naturopathic Wellness Center who understand your emotional state and will help you feel confident with this procedure.  The technician can answer all of your questions and direct you on proper care of your new prosthetic. The atmosphere at the Body Beautiful Naturopathic Wellness Center is a professional natural health facility not a second choice backroom dressing area.

The first step in getting a mastectomy fitting is to have a consultation before your mastectomy surgery. Making this vital appointment will take the mystery, worry and doubt away from the recovery time. You will have a pre-evaluation and an insightful explanation of what to expect. We will be taking pictures so be sure to bring your best smile! As soon as your doctor releases you after surgery, you can get your special fitting.

It's important to wear  a prosthetic breast and not just push socks, rags or cotton in the bra to fill it out because not wearing a breast prosthesis or wearing one that is lighter or heavier than the remaining breast can cause spinal curvature, shoulder drop, muscle contraction and stretching with accompanying discomfort, chest compression on the side of the remaining breast, balance problems and clothing that fits poorly from incorrect posture.

If you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment call 724-987-3221

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