Monday, April 4, 2011

Skin Rejuvenation is effective treatment for multiple conditions


We all want clear skin, but nature has a way of sabotaging us with frustrating imperfections, especially as we age and sun damage accumulates. Fortunately, skin rejuvenation has advanced beyond the painful procedures of the past. Our process offers comfortable and effective photo-facials for the treatment of sun damage and visible veins.

Treat Multiple Conditions

The process uses pulses of concentrated light to clear:

  • Sun Damage: Wide areas of pigmentation on the face, chest, and arms.
  • Sunspots: Individual pigmented lesions, also known as age spots.
  • Rosacea: General inflammation of the cheeks and face.
  • Spider Veins: Individual vessels, which can be red, blue, or purple in color.

In the past, harsh treatments resulted in red, raw skin, with a long recovery period. But our process provides the most skinsafe, comfortable, and effective, photo-facials available, without any downtime. The appointments are quick, and you can return to work or other activities - looking and feeling fine!  Any area can be treated except directly around the eyes. The upper lip, face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs, chest & back can all be treated. 

After treatment you may experience lingering warmth, tightness, or redness in the treated area, which fades within a few hours of treatment. Because so much of the skin is unaffected by the light pulses, there is a quick healing process. Generally, you can receive a treatment and go back to work or to other activities without any recovery time. A series of treatments at 4-6 week intervals may be required to achieve the desired result of smoother, tighter skin in the face, arms, abdomen & other areas. Your treatment provider will be able to give you more information about treatments and expected results.



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