Thursday, January 24, 2013

Body Beautiful and Advanced Spine & Disc Center: Start the New Year by Getting Your Healthy Back Back!

Start the New Year by Getting Your Healthy Back Back


After the hectic holidays, many people feel the need to decompress.  In some cases, that means simply finding ways to relieve the inherent stress of the season.  However, those who have chronic back pain, caused by bulging or herniated discs, may need to have those discs literally decompressed.


At the Advanced Spinal and Disc Center, our non-invasive technique can, potentially, heal damaged discs, and eliminate pain, permanently.  Performed on a large, computer-controlled table, it gently separates the vertebrae, thus creating a vacuum that reduces the pressure on spinal discs, while pulling fluids, oxygen, and nutrients back into them.   


So, if you’re tired of suffering, come in for a free consultation, and start the New Year by getting your healthy back back. 
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