Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Body Beautiful - “Tattoo Remorse” is No Longer a Hopeless Condition

“Tattoo Remorse” is No Longer a Hopeless Condition


Since the first tattoo was etched into someone’s skin, centuries ago, millions more have been issued; and nearly as many have been regretted.  In fact, tattoo remorse is so prevalent that it should be listed as a bona fide condition. 


Even early tattoo removal procedures offered little hope, as they were often painful and ineffective.  Moreover, while newer methods have been more successful, they often take many sessions, over very long periods, to complete.                


However, our new r20 technique can do, in one session, what used to take four months!  So, if you’re longing to erase a hated tattoo, let us tackle it, and you’ll see significant results in just one session!

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