Monday, April 1, 2013

Body Beautiful; We’re Not Just Blowing Smoke! We’ll Help You Kick the Habit!

 At the vernal equinox, people everywhere breathe sighs of relief at the promise of warmer days ahead; but not everyone is over-joyed.   
 If you’re in the latter group, perhaps it’s because you’re among the millions who simply prefer cooler weather.  Or, you may have an unpleasant date or event looming in the near future.  Or, it may just be that you’re lighting another cigarette, and saying, “Drat! Spring is here already, and I resolved to quit smoking this year! What am I gonna do?!”         
 That’s easy!  Just stop in for our smoking cessation treatment, in which we eliminate your desire for cigarettes with lasers, concentrated on key acupuncture points.
It works – and we’re not just blowing smoke! 

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