Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Body Beautiful; You’re Not Getting Older – You’re Getting Even!

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            You’re Not Getting Older – You’re Getting Even

 It’s amazing how people insist on perpetuating myths about aging, with oh-so-hilarious gems such as:

Sure, you can still enjoy your wild oats – but now you have to have them with prunes and bran.

 Congratulations!  You’ve finally gotten your head together – but now your body is falling apart!

 Now that you’ve got it all together, you can’t remember where you put it.  

Yep, those sayings get old fast; but that doesn’t mean you have to!  We’ll help you fight back, with a powerful offensive of advanced, age-defying procedures that’ll obliterate wrinkles, brown spots, sagging skin, “middle-age spread,” thinning lips, and many other signs of aging.  

So, you know what that means?  You’re not getting older – you’re getting even!
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