Thursday, October 8, 2015

Body Beautiful: A Change of Climate Will Do You Good

                              A Change of Climate Will Do You Good

As temperatures drop, and days get shorter, many people feel that the sun can’t do any damage to their skin. However, it can, especially when the ground is covered with snow, as it readily reflects UV rays, which, in combination with the harsh, cold, dry air, can age skin considerably. This is particularly true of the delicate skin around the eyes, which is highly susceptible to wrinkling.        

Therefore, it’s important to continue wearing sunscreen – and sunglasses – in the winter, and use extra moisturizer as well, to prevent lines from developing. Better yet, take a break from the cold, while erasing existing wrinkles, by spending some time in our warm, friendly atmosphere, where we offer the most affordable, effective wrinkle-reduction treatments available! Indeed, the change of climate will do you good!   

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