Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Body Beautiful: We've Got Your R&R RX

                                    We've Got Your R&R RX

Summer is supposed to be a time for rest and recreation. However, it often causes extra stress, especially for parents trying to squeeze in all of their family fun before the school year ushers in a whole new set of hassles. Indeed, with all of the sports and other extra-curricular activities – and the holidays quickly approaching – the pressures keep mounting.

If you’re desperate for some R&R (Recovery and Rejuvenation), we've got your RX, with many services to soothe jangled nerves, and renew the skin – and the spirit. Our Microdermabrasion treatment, for example, gently exfoliates skin and stimulates cell growth, reducing sun damage, fine lines, and superficial scars, while improving its overall texture, elasticity, and tone. What’s more, it requires no recovery time. In fact, it is your recovery time. 

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