Friday, March 18, 2016

Body Beautiful: Don't Get Wrapped Up in the Embarrassment of Skin Tags

                                                  Don’t Get Wrapped Up in the Embarrassment of Skin Tags

Even those who love warm weather may have qualms about once again donning more revealing clothing, preferring to keep certain embarrassing features covered up. While the causes of such self-consciousness are many, acrochordons are often to blame. Familiarly known as skin tags, they’re the fibrous polyps that appear as little bumps, or pouches, on the skin. Commonly occurring around creases in the neck, underarms, eyelids, or upper thighs, they can show up anywhere.    
Luckily, however, we can remove them anytime – quickly, easily, and nearly painlessly! So, let us take them off your body, and off your mind, because it’ll be way too hot this summer to stay wrapped up in these little nuisances!      

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