Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Body Beautiful: It's Plain, The Stain Will No Longer Remain

                                                    It’s Plain, The Stain Will No Longer Remain 

Some of the rules of oral hygiene may have changed since you were a kid; and there's a lot more to keep in mind. For example, instead of brushing after every meal, which has been found to weaken enamel, no more than twice a day is now recommended; but, to prevent enamel erosion and staining, wait an hour after consuming acidic foods. Still, if you want a pearly smile, there's one, simple thing to remember - we can whiten your teeth 3-6 shades in just two 15-minute sessions! So give us a call, because, with our teeth-whitening treatment, it’s plain, the stain will no longer remain!  

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