Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rue Your Tattoo? Come on in, and We'll Clear Up Your Skin!

                                    Rue Your Tattoo? Come on in, and We’ll Clear Up Your Skin!

PhotoAs May winds down, many people are looking forward to the days of summer, labeled in a famous old song, as “lazy, hazy, and crazy.” Although crazy undoubtedly refers to the madcap behavior associated with the season, some things that were considered outlandish when that song became popular are now commonplace. Tattoos are in that category; but, as they’re often souvenirs of wild vacations (that’s the hazy part), or ill-advised flings, they’re still regretted by millions.   

Luckily, though, another thing that’s changed is that tattoos are no longer hopelessly permanent. Indeed, with our advanced, r20 Tattoo Removal technique, we can erase those inked-on mistakes faster than ever. So, don’t be lazy!  If you, too, have a tattoo that you rue, come on in, and we’ll clear up your skin!

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